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Let’s meet online and start training together.

Train under the trainer and physiotherapist eye

If you care about safe training that brings you the desired results in a short time, I am here for you. After a few weeks, you can see the effects of your work on yourself, which will surely affect you and people the around you.

Hi there, I'm Matthew

I love the combination of physiotherapy and training. I can easily present all kinds of complex exercises that guarantee 100% safety. As we well know, each of us is different and requires a different approach.

The elimination of all kinds of movement limitations, teaching the correct technique and methodology of exercising is very important for me, which is why I put safety during training in the first place.

We always start with the basics, step by step to more difficult things and build new training units based on previous training.

First consultation

Let’s get to know each other. We will talk about your physical activity experiences and about your health and diet. 

We will analyze your day in life and do a short introductory training.

Your Goals

The goals are different. Starting with weight reduction, improving your physical condition, going further by treating an injury or even participating in a marathon or triathlon. 

Action Plan

Let’s summarize all the information collected so far. We will outline an action plan for the coming training, which we will successively implement. 

During the cooperation, the plan can be slightly modified to speed up results. 


From training to training, we measure the progress and try to raise the bar a bit, because only in this way are we able to progress and see the effects of our work.

Don’t worry about whether you can handle it. I always adjust the training to your abilities. 


Training plan, control, high quality training, progress.

You get all these things from me in one condensed pill.


Maria MaliszMaria Malisz
11:37 15 Mar 22
Mateusz is an extremely talented and professional physiotherapist. My problem is the spondylolisthesis and, as it turned out, the pear-shaped muscle syndrome. I was seeing him for about 3 months. Before that, I had been to three physical therapists and none of them found a way to deal with such enormous pain. Thanks to Mateusz, I do not take painkillers. He taught me how to deal with it through appropriate exercises that he continues every day. We do not meet anymore because of the great distance, but I miss him :) Thanking him very much, at the same time, I heartily recommend him to all those who are struggling with this type of problem. Maria M.
Karol BiałyKarol Biały
16:26 25 Jun 20
Since he worked with Mateusz my results have improved many times. The knowledge he possesses and which he combines with the dietary viewer gives incredible results. Personally, I did not expect that I could reach the level I am now. No doubt I'll never look for another coach. I highly recommend it.
I practiced with Mateusz for over 3 months. Thanks to these meetings, I learned how to eat, how to care for my weight - not only how to lose weight excessively healthy but also how to maintain that weight. Mateusz taught me not only what exercises are best for me, how to do them correctly, but also how I can improve them over time. Mateusz listened to my problems and struggles and adapted both diet and exercise to my requirements / habits / lifestyle.For me, the most important and greatest achievement thanks to meeting Mateusz, was that I finally gained regularity in training.Mateusz does not forget about his players, he checks, controls and motivates even during free time from meetings with the trainer.I heartily recommend his services!
Rafał HytrośRafał Hytroś
08:43 12 Jun 20
Before I came to Mateusz, I had over 20 visits to three different physiotherapists. I had a problem with discopathy - and actually, as it turned out later, I was just oversensitive about the lumbar section and even a slight pain in this place caused me a lot of fears, so I quickly gave up strength exercises.After half a year of cooperation, I was already doing squats and deadlifts with a load similar to body weight - 80kg. Another problem was the crackling elbow / elbows during training, which sometimes led to pain, the technique correction helped here and again it turned out that it was nothing serious .Polecam
Edyta MarekEdyta Marek
16:41 19 Jan 20
Mateusz, thank you not only for professional trainings, but above all for the precision with which you conduct them. You perfectly explain how to do exercises correctly! Thanks to you I have learned and I am still learning to use muscles that I didn't know existed;)

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    By participating in the training, you will gain awareness and control of your body, which will transfer into better functioning in everyday life.

    I try to make my mentees take out a little more from each training than from the previous one, and the next training was a new challenge

    By training you will feel muscles that you don’t realize in everyday life.
    You don’t have to think about what you will do in training today and whether you will cope.
    I adjust the training in such a way as to achieve the maximum every time during the training session

    When we start corporate, we discuss your needs and establish an initial action plan, which we will implement soon.

    My job is to find the right and safe way to achieve your goals, as quickly as possible and also monitor your progress from training to training towards your goal.

    I’m a physiotherapist with 7 years of experience. I often pull someone out of various pain ailments. It does not matter if it is someone older or a young athlete.

    Only properly selected therapeutic methods guarantee a quick recovery and everyday functioning without pain.

    When you schedule a training session, you will train and see your progress, your motivation is always high.

    Even when it falls and you have a moment of doubt, we sit down, talk about it and try to find a solution from this situation. 

    Where will we train?

    Everywhere! Our meetings are online so you can train in the living room, garden or even on a beach. You need only a laptop or smartphone and enough internet connection.

    I prefer whereby, skype or google duo.


    Why online training is a good solution

    You can train in your own environment, and need only 2 square meters of space.

    Don’t worry about busy gym equipment, crowds of people or noise.

    I am sure that you will like this type of workout and you will stay longer


    01 What do you get except training?

    I can help you with your habits, through regular training I give you my knowledge about diet, training systems, rehab protocols and simply ways to improve your physical condition.

    02 How long does training take?

    It consists of a warm-up, main part and stretching
    Usually training lasts 45min.

    03 Prices

    A single 45 minute training session cost:

    • 40 USD
    • 40 EUR
    • 35 GBP

    If you are interested in cooperation with online personal trainer, please complete the form below. I will contact you to discuss the details of our cooperation.

    +48 511 672 479

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